When environmental responsibility is your value – you have just found your partner.



The one and only – Pielisen Betoni. A pioneer for more than 50 years.

We are the only concrete supplier in Finland that has compensated all the emissions released from our production chain by 100% *. We take care of our environment and therefore all emissions are compensated to where they are released, in Finnish forests. And best of all, compensation costs our customers nothing.
Our carbon neutral concrete is known as HIBE.

We were the first in Finland and possibly in the world to start producing 100% compensated concrete in 2019.


Our principle
Everything we do today will be seen for decades to come. The future is in the hands of future generations but what kind of living environment will we leave them? Building our society to be carbon neutral is a long process and we want to be involved in making it happen.

Finnish forests
Finnish nature is unique. For us, emissions compensation through Finnish nature is the only option in line with our values. The owners of our carbon sinks are personally responsible for ensuring that forest management continues in the future by maintaining and nurturing the carbon sink. The Finnish government program set the goal of being carbon neutral by 2035. We reached our own milestone already in 2019, but we will still strive to continuously develop our company.

What is carbon neutral or compensated concrete?
Carbon-neutral or compensated concrete means concrete whose carbon dioxide emissions released during production have been compensated, i.e. recompensed back to nature. We have compensated all emissions released from our production chain, from cement to the finished element on site.


Surely your buildings will also be built using the new 100% compensated * HIBE?


CEO Tuija Kilpinen, do your customers pay more for HIBE?
No, they don’t. The owners of the company feel personally responsible for the carbon dioxide emissions produced by our company. It is important to us that our customers do not incur additional costs. For us, carbon neutrality is a value that should be a matter of course and something that everyone in construction should strive for.

Why have you wanted to compensate carbon dioxide emissions in this way?
For us, carrying out compensation through our own domestic forest is a value issue. We want to be part of a sustainable and responsible future. Through careful collaboration, we can nurture and maintain a concrete carbon sink for decades to come, and we know all the time how and where our emissions will be compensated.

Which Pielisen Betoni products are made of HIBE?
All of them. At our five factories, we make all products from compensated concrete. We supply carbon-neutral hollow core slabs, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete beams, columns, walls and ready-mixed concrete for the needs of construction sites all over Finland. Environmental responsibility is important in building our society, and for our part, we want to be involved in the vanguard of environmental work.

What will the future bring?
The future will bring new construction projects, both municipal and private.  We are proud to be involved in building a sustainable and carbon-neutral Finland. We switched to wind power in 2020. And we have only just got started, Tuija Kilpinen says.

Shall we carry out the next climate action together?