Concrete beams

Concrete beams along with our concrete elements form the concrete frame of the building. Pre-stressed concrete beams allow for longer spans which create open and modifiable spaces

Pre-stressed beams

We manufacture according to plan:

HI – beams
Height 800 – 2780 mm
Width 360 – 550 mm
Length 8000 – 34000 mm

I – beams
Height 900 – 1930 mm
Width 360 – 480 mm
Length 8000 – 26000 mm

Rectangular Beams
Height 480 – 1500 mm
Width 280 – 1000 mm
Length 1600 – 26000 mm

Inverted T-beams
Height 480 – 1200 mm
Girth 280 – 680 mm / Ribs 150 tai 200 mm
Length 1600 – 18000 mm

Rectangular and inverted T-beams can be one-hole or two-hole and can act as a composite structure.

Reinforced concrete beams according to plans (rectangular, inverted T- beams)
The environmental class of beams varies from XC1 to XC3.  The fire resistance classification is normally R60.

On schedule, guaranteed delivery
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Reinforced and pre-stressed concrete beams for quality construction
Concrete beams are part of the building’s concrete frame. They allow long spans and thus the use of very modifiable and open spaces. The quality of the concrete beams must be perfect so that the building is safe to use for decades. Pielisen Betoni supplies high quality reinforced and pre-stressed concrete beams to all construction sites throughout Finland.

Pre-stressed beams according to your plans
Pre-stressed beams are manufactured according to your building plans. Pre-stessed beams can be manufactured as HI, I, rectangular and inverted T-beams in different size classes. They can also be single-hole or double-hole beams

Reinforced concrete beams are also tailored to fit your dimensions
Reinforced concrete beams are manufactured according to plans made for the construction site. Please contact us and we will be happy to make you a cost-effective offer for reinforced and pre-stressed concrete beams for your construction project. You should also ask about the other concrete products we produce in our factory. We offer versatile elements for building with 40 years of experience.