Ready-mix concrete

Ready-mix concrete easily delivered directly to your construction site.

Ready-mix concrete is made to order:

Ready-mix concrete strength class C20/25-C50/60
Elasticity S 1 … 4
Max. particle size 8 mm … 32 mm

Pliant, retarded, watertight, weatherproof, etc.

Different types of chute trucks and pumping equipment are available to transport and unload ready-mix concrete.

Our ready-mix concrete stations are located at:

Joensuu ready-mix concrete station

Our selection includes
Pump/floor concrete, structural concretes, joint filler/grouting concrete and semi-dry concretes

Pumping equipment
Pump: Puzmeister 38/42
Pump: Puzmeister 32/36
Pump: Puzmeister 24/28m

Transport equipment
3 pcs 7.5 m3, tanker trucks
1 pcs 9.0 m3 tanker truck
1 pcs 12.0 m3, tanker truck

There are hydraulic chutes in two of the 7.5m3 tanker trucks with a reach of 9m.

Konepalvelu Kuivalainen Oy is responsible for transport for Joensuu ready mix concrete factory.

Request for quotation for ready-mix concrete at:
joensuu(a) or by calling +358 44 3400 820