Hollow-core slabs

The hollow-core slab is a quick and easy solution for intermediate floor structures. The hollow-core slab is suitable for industrial, commercial and residential construction:

–In the upper, lower and intermediate floors of buildings, as a single-hole, continuous slab, and as a pre-tensioned composite slab.
– As a load bearing or partition wall
– foundation slab and plinth
– Foundation beam in small residential or industrial and agricultural construction

Hollow-core slabs have the CE marking right under Euronorms.


Types of hollow-core slabs
Basic slab: 150mm, 200mm, 265mm, 320mm, 370mm, 400mm and 500mm
Hollow-core slab types are supplied when necessary as insulation, fire REI90 and REI120, as well as cantilever slabs.

For more detailed information on hollow-core slabs, for example on load resistance and other design issues, see the design guide.

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