Wall elements

Wall elements provide functional and cost-effective facades. We produce impressive, long-lasting entities in accordance with the needs and ideas of the customer.

Surface options for wall elements are, for example
– different colors and washing depths
– smooth, grooves and patterns in the surface
– coatings of various natural stone, clinker or brick tiles and also
– after-treatment e.g. sandblasting

Wall Element types
– sandwich-elements
– shell elements
– plinth elements
– partition walls

The concrete wall element belongs to our product family- deliveries are handled all over Finland
The concrete wall element is a cost-effective, impressive and truly effective solution for building. Pielisen Betoni manufactures and supplies concrete wall units to its customers throughout Finland. Wall elements are spectacular entities, designed according to customer plans that bring sturdiness, style and value to building.

We keep a close eye on the quality of our products. Concrete wall elements meet the criteria of the European Building Product Regulation. On the side of the page you will find certificates of factory quality control.

Wall element types for a wide range of implementations
Wall element types include several options. You get our wall elements in the desired color, patterned with different grooves and patterns or coated, for example, with natural stone or clinker. Wall elements are also available with sandblasted surfaces.

The types of wall elements also offer variations depending on the following applications: sandwich elements, shell elements, plinth elements and partition wall elements.

Check out the surface options for wall elements and contact us! Let’s talk about your wishes and make an order right away. We have the ability to implement very unique, impressive elements with very detailed solutions.