Shuttering slabs

Shuttering slabs are used as in the upper, intermediate and lower floors of buildings as a single opening, continuous and cantilever slabs. We make two different types of shuttering slabs basic slab and grooved shuttering slabs.

– The base slab is a flat slab and it is connected with the help of cast-in-place concrete adhesion and work joint reinforcement.

– Profiling is done on the upper surface of the grooved shuttering slab in the manufacturing stage, which increases the cast-in-place sealing surface and improves joint action between concrete layers.

The reinforcement of the shuttering slab is longitudinal pre-tensioned tendons.

 Shuttering slab types:
Shuttering slab KL 70 … 150 mm
Grooved shuttering slab UL 90 …
150 mm
Fire class REI 60, REI 90 and REI 120.