Concrete production in five locations

Pielisen Betoni works in five locations: Hollola, Joensuu, Kuopio, Lieksa and Outokumpu. We supply concrete elements according to what is agreed for the whole of Finland, from our factories in Hollola and North Karelia. We produce ready-mix concrete at our concrete stations in Joensuu, Kuopio, Outokumpu and Lieksa.


The Hollola factory is a slab factory and the operating area is southern Finland.


The Joensuu plant produces a variety of ready-mix concrete for builders’ needs, delivered using high-quality transport and pumping trucks. The elements made at the factory are partition walls, HTT and TT slabs.


Outokumpu is a core factory, mainly supplying pre-stressed concrete beams and columns as well as hollow-core and shuttering slabs.


Ready-mix concrete is produced at the Kuopio plant. Easy delivery directly to your building site. Different types of chute trucks and pumping equipment are available to transport and unload ready-mix concrete.



The Lieksa facility specializes in the manufacture of wall elements. Special elements from graphic designs to various color and finishing surfaces. Also elements with a brick slab surface are part of our production.

Ready-mixed concrete

Joensuu +358 44 3400 820
Kuopio +358 40 3400 140
Lieksa +358 44 3400 830
Outokumpu +358 40 3400 132

Element sales

+358 40 3400 133

Hollow-core slab sales

+358 40 3400 133

Hollow-core slab sales
for private customers

+358 40 3400 125


+358 44 3400 800